Our plan is to further develop WinMTR following the needs of the users.

The project is licensed under GPL v2. We tried changing it to commercial in v0.9, since we have full rights over the code. We thought there is no interest in having it Open Source since there were no external commits in the last 10 years. This degenerated into a heated debate on Slasdhot. Although we still consider within our rights to revoke the GPL, we decided to keep offering it under GPL v2. Currently application is developed and supported by Dragos MANAC. We do accept external contributions.

Bug Reports

Let us know if you identify bugs. Make sure you mention the WinMTR version. Also, we need as much info as possible about your Operating System and current setup. Before submitting a bug make sure it is not something related to your own specific configurations (e.g. antiviruses, firewalls). Use the contact form for submitting bugs.

Feature requests

If you need some functionality from which others can also benefit, please let us know. We will try to integrate your request on our future releases.

Specific features can be implemented on request under a commercial support agreement. Costs depend on complexity and timing. Contact us for a custom quotation.

If you are a developer planning to extend the current open source code, please let us know, so we can integrate it in the official tree. You can find the source code for all the versions on Sourceforge.

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